TeMa North America

With our new production facility in Kearneysville, West Virginia, TeMa Building Solutions is a technological gold standard for competitive solutions in the North American construction industry.

Notably, TeMa North America is specialised in the production of products for foundations and underground structures, wet waterproofing systems, mechanical protection systems, drainage systems, formwork systems and waterproofing systems.

Our modern production system has expanded with this plant in the United States, with other plants in Italy, Spain, Turkey, Russia and Romania.

We lean on a widespread sales and service network in over 60 countries across the globe, with an organisation that is able to offer the strength of TeMa in customised solutions for projects involving structural, protective, maintenance and safety elements in residential and civil construction. TeMa has recognised leadership in the field of the large environmental works.

TeMa Corporation Innovative Solutions for the Environment and the Construction Field.

TeMa Corporation is a structured organization, capable of guaranteeing aesthetically pleasing landscaping solutions, with high safety, maintenance and drainage performances, in the residential, civil and large-scale works sectors.

History, Evolution, Internationalization

TeMa – acronym of “Technologies and Materials” – was founded in 1993 and it is characterised by an innovative approach. Right from the start, the company has been focused on extending its business offer by developing new products, penetrating new markets and, last but not least, stipulating important business deals with multinational corporations. These important strategic choices have made TeMa a global company and have created the conditions for its internationalization. After its first facility in Vittorio Veneto (TV), Italy, additional facilities were created: TeMa Iberica (Spain), TeMa North (Russia), TeMa Med (Turkey), Replastica (Romania) and TeMa NA (USA). Today, TeMa can count on 6 production facilities spread over 3 continents serving 60 Countries. The companies has always pursued internationalization rather than delocalisation.


Vittorio Veneto - Italy

TeMa North


TeMa Iberica


TeMa Med


TeMa Romania




Research, Development, Workshops

The key of its success in such a short time are the investments made in research and development of new solutions, through a strong interaction of the technical/design team with our testing/quality workshops. For us, offering cutting-edge products to our customers is essential. Every field requires specific technical performances, and TeMa is capable of adapting its processes, products and workers to these needs. Today, TeMa can count on latest-generation plants entirely designed, created and implemented by its industrial team to develop its new products.

Technical-Business Structure

We firmly believe we are one of the young companies with the most networked business presence, extended in over 60 Countries: qualified professionals who, through a diversified agent network, supply customised solutions to all our customers.

Insulation Waterproofing Industrial Systems

TeMa North America is part of IWIS. It is a "thinking holding" established to efficiently manage its member companies, enhancing all aspects of their operation.

It is called a “thinking holding” because it is a group of companies that understands the critical thinking and ideas necessary to satisfy the diverse expectations and demands from a chain of professionals, retailers, installers and contractors.


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