High-performance insulation of flat or sloping roofs, for torch application.…

  • PATENTED PRODUCTPIR SUPER 1 Super is protected by international patent PCT/IB2015/000025. Developed in the Research & Development laboratories and realized directly by IWIS technicians, it is the result of the synergy between the Group’s companies: on the one hand the great production capacity of the companies specialized in insulation products, on the other hand a highly technological facer produced by a plant that is unique worldwide.
  • BENEFITS- Thickness reduction of 15% at the same insulating capacity. Lower transport and material costs, smaller occupied volumes, better looks.
    - Perfect adhesion to the vapour barrier and cover sheaths. Improved mechanical performance of the system.
    - Speed of application, with torching, without the use of complicated and expensive adhesive systems. Reduction of labour costs (up to 25%) thanks to a reduction in laying times. Application with proven systems.
    - Non-slip surface finish, also for sloping roofs. Safety on site.
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